BOSS All-Agency Day 2016!

BOSS Employees chat and laugh before he day begins
BOSS Employees chat and laugh before he day begins

With programs across three cities and over 100 staff working hard at their own programs to turn lives around, it is a special day when the whole BOSS family comes together in one place. Happening just one or two times per year, the BOSS All Day event is an agency-wide event where all available staff comes together to work, and talk, and play as one.

The 2016 BOSS All Day was on April 20th and held in the Humanist Hall in Oakland. The event is part training, part State-of-the-Agency, part team-building, and part networking.

This year we had a presentation from StopWaste about the importance of recycling, and information on how to do so. We also signed pledges to be more mindful and dedicated to the task.

Each department was then invited to discuss what their greatest accomplishment has been, in the last year: the thing in which they are most proud. We had lots of great and funny moments, such as when the payroll department approached the mic. Everyone loves the payroll department!

Some of the things we learned: our Food Services Department shared that they have provided more than 45,000 meals at The Ursula Sherman Village in Berkeley, another 45,000 meals to our Hayward programs, and over 9,000 meals to other facilities. That is over 110,000 meals!! Tim from our Career Training & Employment Center shared that they have graduated 110 people in the last year, saving the County of Alameda roughly $60,000,000 in criminal justice funds. Connie Green spoke for folks from the Multi Agency Service Center (MASC) and shared how an individual who had once used the MASC and the services there, now has a job, and housing, and still comes by to bring food to share because though they are now hosed, this is still their community.

DSC00464Donald Frazier spoke and shared his admiration for the BOSS community. He described BOSS employees as “a lantern in the darkness” he went on to say that, “we are a conduit to new skills and a new life. Showing up every day for our community shows how important they are. We are a true rainbow coalition.”

We also had several hours of team-building play from the folks at Play-Well. We were organized into teams and given Lego mechanisms that had to be built as a team. This work was so important as the rules, and some of the actions in this play-time, were directly correlated to stressors in our work lives.

All-in-all it was a great day! We were brought out of our usual teams and cliques, and got the chance to work with people we didn’t know, to perform tasks we didn’t fully understand. It was difficult, and challenging, and fun, and rewarding. Just like our work!

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Here are some great pictures forth day. There are loads more on the BOSS Facebook and Flickr Pages!