A Homework Lesson Brought to Life

BOSS recently received a phone call from a 7th grader, Parker, who had blankets to donate to homeless individuals in need at our Multi-Agency Service Center (MASC) in Berkeley. Here is his admirable story, a true civics lesson in philanthropy.

“Hello my name is Parker and I’m in the 7th grade at Ecole Bilingue. Here is my story on how I delivered the blankets to BOSS.

Our social studies teacher gave us this task to come up with a project to help a community somewhere in the world with a problem we could help solve.  We were made up of a team of 4: me, Diego, Alixe and Kahyla. The problem we chose was related to poverty (in Haiti) and we thought that we could get one of our group members’ fathers to give us some blankets to donate, because he works on a plane. We thought that because airlines have so many blankets we could get some to donate. The father couldn’t get the blankets, so we tried emailing and calling cruise ships that have blankets but we never got a response. When we tried to call them they put us on hold for 20 min. so we hung up. After about 2 weeks we knew we wouldn’t get the blankets from them and had to rethink our plan on a smaller scale. And realized sending blankets to another part of the world would be too expensive.

So then we knew that our only option was to make our project local. We decided to hold a bake sale at our school in order to get money to buy bins. Our idea was that people in our community could donate any spare blankets they had and put them into the bins placed around our school. We sent emails to the parents at our school and put up posters about the bake sale and the blanket bins so people would know where to donate too.

We collected blankets for about 2 weeks then I went to the Berkeley library to get a list of where we can donate our blankets. BOSS was on the list so I called them and they told me that we could donate our blankets so we gave them the blankets and they were really appreciative. I feel really good about helping people in my community.”

For those interested in donating items needed by BOSS, please visit our Wish List or call Gwen at (510) 649-1930, ext. 1001. Thank you!