3 girls smiling for the camera while sitting together at table doing crafts

July BOSS Youth On The Move Workshop

He told them, “Your voice is powerful. Let me hear your Power.”

On July 19th, Alonzo Young donated his time to our latest Youth on the Move Kids Summer Camp Event. He used martial arts to teach the kids self defense and self regulation —two things crucial to keeping our kids safe and in school. But that wasn’t the only awesome thing we did!

The week before the event, Lisa and Jeannie took the older kids at the Children’s Learning Center (CLC) on a field trip around the neighborhood looking for “found objects”for them to utilize on the Saturday art projects. The kids walked down by the creek looking for bark, and flowers, and rocks, anything that caught their eye. Several of them came away with overflowing baskets of wonder.

On Saturday, the kids milled about outside the CLC, excited to begin. There were several offers to “help set up”. BOSS Food Services Coordinator Craig Edelblut and his kitchen staff pulled together cheese, lunchmeat, juice boxes, crackers, green and black olives, homemade fruit cups, and multigrain crackers as snacks. Gwen Austin, BOSS Development Associate and Community Organizer, volunteered her time and Lisa (CLC Teacher) and Nancy (baby CLC Teacher) adjusted their weekly schedules to both be in attendance.

When the kids were finally allowed to come in, they immediately set to noshing on the yummy snack foods and playing clapping games. They spent over an hour planning and creating their own art projects with the items from the creek and other objects in the CLC. A few of the kids finished early and spent time helping the younger kids tackle their projects. A short break to run off some of the excess energy, then over an hour of martial arts. Finally they all received disposable cameras and scavenger hunt lists for their August Youth on the Move Art Projects!

Donations to this event were:

  • Alonzo Young: His time and expertise
  • East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse: a gift certificate for supplies,
  • Berkeley Friends of the Library: books and magazines for crafting.

All these things coalesced into a bright, sunny afternoon of engagement and activity for our kids —a moment in time that empowers and motivates these young minds.

The next and final Youth on the Move Event is Saturday, August 16th 1-4pm at the CLC. Pass along the information and encourage the attendance of any BOSS youth who would enjoy attending the next event. We still have a few cameras, if they want to participate in the art project. Kids who attend all three events will be given a Back-To-School Backpack filled with great Back-To-School supplies!

BOSS is lucky to have staff that is so devoted to achieving better outcomes for our kids, and community donors that make these enrichment activities possible. To get involved in the CLC, contact Lisa at (510) 525-4469.